The Secret to Growing Your Business and Serving Your Clients

Welcome back to schoolSeptember is back to school month. Weather you have kids in school or not, the energy shifts after Labor Day and things kick into high gear.

There is still time to get some serious business done in 2014, but the clock is ticking. The time to take action is NOW.

But, as your schedule fills up with all things business and personal, how do you keep it going?

Most importantly, how do you make room for more?

My friend, Tina Mitchell, does what she calls “one timing”. I LOVE it! We all do it to an extent, but hearing her talk about it, made me realize the true benefits, and how we can do more of it.

The definition of one-timing is:

Taking those things that you do repeatedly and creating a system or template.

Here are some examples:

  • If your clients are always calling you to ask what happens next: create an email template or video that you can send outlining the process before they need to call.
  • Create a presentation template that covers your 3 biggest client objections before they have a chance to ask them.
  • Create and FAQ page. Clients always have “what if” questions that come up. Take your top 5 and create a document that you can put on your website, add to presentations and send out as necessary.

The benefits are:

  • For your clients: It keeps them informed, but it goes beyond that. When you are the leader in communication and they don’t have to track things down, it allows them to relax into the process and trust you at a much deeper level. Not only does it make the transaction go smoother, but it has a direct correlation to the number of referrals and future business that you will receive from them.
  • For you: Business becomes more fun because you finally feel like you are in control, rather than racing from one fire alarm to another. It also allows you to scale your business. By taking better care of your clients and “one timing” things if fees you up to work with more clients and increase your business.

What can you one-time today?

To your success!



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