Assume The Universe Is Stacked In Your Favor

Earth Space Universe Galaxy“Assume the Universe is stacked in your favor.”

This comes from the book, The Alchemist. It’s a quick read, and one I highly recommend.

It also ties into the recent post about Bouncing Back.

In that post I talked about how important your mindset is. The way you CHOOSE to see the situation and respond to it affects not only that moment, but all of the ones following it.

The same is true of the statement above. Whether or not you believe it affects your entire life. Some of you read it and instantly get it. Others are more skeptical. You want proof. Here’s the reality though: it’s true if you decide it’s true.

That doesn’t mean that in the moment everything will go smoothly or exactly as you had planned, but it does mean that if you hang in there, stay positive and keep moving forward that it will all come around in the end.

Ultimately the Universe knows best, even though that rarely results in the Universe working on our timeframe or in the way we had hoped.

Here’s a great example of how believing that the Universe is stacked in your favor affects your ability to rebound.

At the Women’s Council of Realtor meeting we had a lively discussion about rebounding in different situations.

~ Let’s say you met with a potential new client and they decided not to work with you.

When something doesn’t work out, women attach the result to their self-worth. They immediately assume that something is wrong with them, or that they will not be successful moving forward with any client. Not just this one.

Men, however, view it as part of the process. They know their statistics, they know how many “no’s” it takes to get to a “yes”. This keeps the result external and attached to the process. Win, lose, or draw, their confidence stays strong. It doesn’t mean that they don’t get bummed out, but they keep moving forward. No is confirmation that they are getting closer to yes. Where as for women no means we have lost our mojo and maybe we just aren’t cut out for this anymore.

This is a perfect example of men assuming that the Universe is stacked in their favor. And they are not attached to how it shows up.

Now I realize that this is a gross generalization and I’m not trying to pigeon hole the sexes, but it is two very different ways of viewing and responding to the same situation.

So know that the Universe is stacked in your favor. It wants you to succeed and is doing everything it can to help you. Even when it doesn’t seem like it in the moment.

To your success!

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