Who Do You Call When You’re New?

This is a follow up to last week’s post about what to do when it feels like nothing is working.

New agents tend to have a different issue: who do they call, and what on earth do they say?

Even if you have a big sphere, it can feel weird to suddenly start talking about real estate. It is possible to make the transition, but it takes time and finesse.

The first thing to realize is that some friends and family will be ready to jump in  from the very beginning, but many will hold back until you’ve proven yourself.

It might hurt when you realize that someone close to you used another agent, but know that it’s part of the game.

Today’s post is a 2 parter: #1 how to build your real estate list. #2 bridging the gap from personal to professional. Or in some cases professional to professional, but just a different context.

Adding new people to your list:

  • Open houses: Hands down one of the best ways to meet people and practice your real estate talk.
  • Hobbies: Whatever your hobby is, there is a group associated with it. Join one, or start one, and post it on meetup.com. In many cases, the further it is from real estate the better. It will allow you to build true connections with people that will ultimately turn into clients and referral sources.
  • Charity events: Don’t just attend the events. Get on the board, or volunteer. Build relationships with the people involved.
  • Community service organizations: Think Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Real estate is a contact sport, but if you are new, your contacts need to be with new people. You don’t have the luxury of falling back on your database right now. Look for things that allow you to see people more than once. One off networking events are rarely worth the time.

The key to making it work: Have a follow up plan. It doesn’t do any good to put all of your time, money and effort into meeting new people just to let them go.

Bridging the gap to real estate:

Now let’s talk about everyone who already knows you. We need to have them think of you as someone who can help them buy and sell homes, which is new for them.

  • Social media: This is hands down one of the best ways to start telling your real estate story in a way that draws people in.
  • Previewing phone calls: “I was just in the neighborhood previewing / showing homes , and it made me think of you.” It’s one of my favorite reasons to call ever. It breaks the ice, lets them know that you know the market in their area, and isn’t too pushy
  • Postcards: Good old snail mail. It might seem antiquated in today’s digital age, but it’s not. Print marketing allows you to demonstrate your success, and add value in a non invasive way.

Keep at it. Know that business often comes from where you least expect it.

To your success!

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