Handling the August Transition

Is it just me, or are these last 2 weeks of August a little weird?

I’m stuck in limbo between vacation and back to school, and my abilities to juggle it all are starting to slip. Hence the reason you are getting this on Saturday vs Friday.

On the one hand I’m having a blast with the boys. On the other, business feels slow because I’ve been playing for the last few weeks. It’s the struggle of enjoying the present moment vs feeling the need to amp things up in the sales department.

So how do you actually enjoy these last 2 weeks of summer without feeling anxious?

Work with what you have.

Going with the flow always works better than working against it.

The good thing about August is that there is a lot going on. Concerts, festivals, farmers markets, parties, etc. The picture above is at a white party that Gary and I went to last week. It was  so much fun to see everyone dressed up.

Take advantage of these opportunities and connect with as many people as possible. Now is a phenomenal time to lay the groundwork for your Fall business.

Getting clients focused might feel like pushing a rock uphill right now. So go with what is working. Have some fun, and make contacts with as many people as possible. Follow up with a thank you note, and listen for change that might put them on your funnel.

Make it a game, make it fun, and hold on to your hat. You are setting yourself up for a September and October that will blow your mind.

To your success!

PS: Stay tuned for a special email from me this coming Wednesday. I’ve got some exciting news coming up, and I could use your help. Until then ~ have fun!

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