Need Help Setting Goals? These 7 Tricks Will Help

Welcome to 2019! I love New Years Day – even more than New Years Eve. The entire year is ahead of you, filled with promise and potential.

Whether you call them goals or resolutions, todays the day to set the tone for the next 365 days.

Studies show that the majority of people set resolutions, yet only 25% make it out of January and 8% actually achieve whatever it is they set out to do.

If you are tired of feeling like a broken record on New Years Day, trying to finally accomplish the goals you set last year, and the year before that – Check out the Marketing + Systems = Success mentorship group and try these 7 tricks:

Trick # 1: Celebrate What Worked In 2018– This one is huge, and often over looked. Chances are there’s a lot to celebrate – big and small. Focusing on the good from last year builds your confidence going into the New Year so that you can create from a place of empowerment.

Trick # 2: Make Sure Your Goals Include Each Area of Your Life: Focusing on just one or two areas contributes to mid year burn out, and is a big reason why we bail out on our goals deciding that it’s too hard, or not worth it. They don’t have to be monumental goals in each area, but make sure that you spend some time on each one.

Trick # 3: Make Sure They Are Your Goals: This may be obvious, but it’s easy to get caught up in setting goals because it’s what you are “supposed” to want. Make sure it’s what YOU want, even if it doesn’t fit the traditional next step.

Trick # 4: Ask Who do You Have To Be? What adjustments do you have to make in order to achieve your goal? The actions and thought processes you take create your reality. To achieve something different, you need to think and act differently.

Trick # 5: Start With The Smallest Action You Can Take:  We are wired to resist change. Taking small actions lowers your resistance, and makes it easier to stay consistent. There are some great books on this topic, one of my favorites is “The Compound Effect” The Power of Consistency. If you do something day in and day out the impact it has is substantial. Another amazing book is “One Small Step Can Change Your Life”, The Kaizen Way” The power of finding the smallest step to achieve your goal that spirals into bigger accomplishments.

Trick # 6: Decide How Are You Going To Hold Yourself Accountable:  We like to think we can hold ourselves accountable, but the fact is we all get off track at some point. Having an accountability partner or coach is the single biggest thing you can do to increase your chances of reaching your goals.

Trick # 7:  Decide How You Are Going To Celebrate:  After achieving a goal, we often move on to the next without a second thought. Take time to celebrate your accomplishments along the way. It will keep you motivated, and it’s more fun to celebrate all year long vs once a year.

Want more details on each trick? Check out this week’s episode of my podcast, The 425 Show.

Feeling like you could benefit from some accountability, or that you lack the tools you need to accomplish your goals? I invite you to check out the Marketing + Systems = Success mentorship group. The early action bonuses expire January 7th!

Wishing you a happy and successful 2019!


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