Summer’s Here – What’s Your Plan?

School vacation starts next week – are you ready?

There are so many things to love about summer – the kids are around more, the days are longer and everything seems a little more laid back.

It all sounds good right now, but sometimes the ‘vision’ of what summer vacation can be and the ‘reality’ of it is are different.

Without a plan, summer is the perfect example of time spent spinning in circles without much to show for it but a bunch of frustration and a vow to do it differently next year.

So let’s make this summer count. Here are some tips to get you through so that you can sell some houses AND have some fun.

  • Decide what to press pause on. This is not the time to revamp your marketing, launch a website, etc. If it’s not essential and directly related to selling a house, it can wait until September. Making this a conscious decision let’s you off the hook of feeling guilty about not being uber productive in your businesses for the next few months.
  • Pick 1 thing that will make your summer a success. Whether it’s a trip, project – not work related, or something else entirely, it should be something that will make you feel like you enjoyed the time.
  • Spend time outside each week. The beauty of summer is that the days are long, so no matter how busy you are you can get outside. Fresh air changes everything, and time in nature is always a good reset.
  • Block 1 hour each day to GET IT DONE. Make your time count. No goofing around in the office wasting time. Dedicate 1 hour each day to really focused time spent following up with clients and making FORD calls. This way, no matter what you do for the rest of the day you know you will have moved the needle forward.
  • Create summer hours. Waiting for the time to enjoy summer doesn’t work. So change your schedule. Take Fridays off, or whatever works for you.
  • Make use of the longer days. It’s easier to take weekends off during the summer because the days are longer. I would much rather show a house at 7pm during the week if it means I get the weekend off. Right now that’s an option because it’s still light out.
  • Don’t panic if things seem to take a little longer. Buyers can seem really motivated one week, and be MIA the next depending on vacation schedules, etc. Trust that it will all come together.

Cheers to having fun and soaking up the sun!

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