Wondering What Your Purpose Is?

Purpose is a charged word for me. There’s lots of talk about finding and living your purpose. What does that even mean?

When people talk about purpose, it’s often in a bigger context of some world changing action like creating a foundation or non profit to have a global impact. Talking about purpose often makes me feel inadequate and like I’m doing it wrong.

After all, my daily purpose often includes things like making lunches and walking the dog. How life changing is that?

And then I heard this on a podcast: Purpose is not about some big altruistic action. It’s about trusting that you matter to each person you connect with. Big or small doesn’t matter, it’s all big.

Now that I can get behind.

What if our purpose was to be truly present when we interact with others? To offer compassion and grace when needed, encouragement and joy?

Know that you matter. Whether it’s your family, your client, or the person behind you in the line at the grocery store – being you makes a difference.

As we head into the holidays, let your purpose to be connect with and truly see the people around you. Be the one that stays positive and therefore allows others to as well.

We affect others in ways that we often don’t even realize.

To your success!

PS: I’m taking some time off for the holidays, so no blog posts for the next 2 weeks. Have a wonderful break and I’ll see you in January!

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