How Are You Marketing Listings Differently?

Effective property marketing is about more than bedrooms and baths. Part of our job is to paint the picture of the lifestyle that goes with a property.

That could be the community, the view, and how we use the space. With all of the changes these last few months many of us are using our spaces differently. The emails came out from schools last week – learning will be 100% online for the foreseeable future.

So the work / school from home adventure continues.

Which means our marketing needs to adjust accordingly. How can you tweak your marketing comments to highlight this? Are you staging homes differently to show specific work / study spaces? Or maybe a workout area with gyms at limited capacity?

It’s a mindset shift as much as it is a marketing shift.

We had fun marketing the house pictured above and talked about missing out on summer travel, but still enjoying life by the pool.

We are always looking for points of difference when meeting with clients. Having these conversations with Sellers is a great way to stand out, and let them know how much thought and detail you put into marketing homes.

Do you have other shifts that you’ve made with marketing properties lately? Hit reply and let me know. I’d love to hear about them!

To your success!

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