It’s Back To School Time Are You Ready? 2 Tips To Rock This Fall

Can you feel it? Summer is winding down and we are shifting into back to school mode. Or some version of it.

I always look forward to this time of year. It feels like a reset after the summer and a welcome return to a routine. I must admit that I’m feeling much better this year than most summers. I’m usually pretty frazzled after a season of baseball tournaments in different cities every weekend and feeling like life is forever divided up into 2 hour chunks of time in between driving the boys around. But since a lot of that didn’t happen this summer, I’m rolling into Fall a lot more relaxed.

Even with that, I am looking forward to more consistency in the days and a little more structure for all of us.

As we head into September it’s a good time to refocus on how you spend your time and what’s working in your business.

Normally I would say it’s time to refocus on your goals, but to me this feels like a year to ease up on the goals. There are so many things outside of our control. Trying to force something to fit a model that worked even last year might not work this year.

So the themes for this Fall are Adapt and Go All In

We don’t know what will happen next with Covid, the election, the stock market or anything else. But we do know that people will need to buy and sell property. That NEVER changes. We might need to adapt our approach, but the sales will be there. So don’t spend time worrying about the real estate market. It will be there. Your job is to stay connected to it and adapt as necessary.

In terms of Going All In, I heard this on a podcast this week and it made so much sense. Now more than ever, it’s time to double down on what works vs trying lots of new things.

What are your best sources of business? How can you do more of that?

How can you take care of your clients more than ever before? Having a house cleaned for a client has always been nice, but in the time of Covid is means even more to them. I’m also a huge fan of Client Giant.

Focus in and conserve your energy. The business is there. Right now it’s all about consistency and staying the course.

To your success!

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