It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect To Be Amazing – Your Secret Sauce

In real estate we assume that our value comes from our ability to control the process, and therefore the outcome in a transaction. In a year of curve balls though, it’s difficult to feel like we can control much of anything.

Lacking control isn’t a new thing, but it’s coming up in new ways this year.

In real estate it begs the question – how can we create amazing client experiences when we are in new territory? None of us have a “this is how the market reacts in a pandemic” experience to draw from.

The answer: Get clear on your secret sauce. What makes you different? What truly affects the client experience? What doesn’t depend on the market?

Feeling like you aren’t sure what your secret sauce is? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Listen – really listen. True listening is an active process, not passive. It means asking questions, taking notes, and digging deeper in order to uncover and understand motivation. All good experiences start with good listening.
  • Recognize that there are different definitions of success. It could be time, money or terms. How your client defines it will affect the strategy you use.
  • Share your logic – Do you pre inspect or not? Do you do offer reviews or not? Are love letters from Buyers helpful? There are many different strategies that you can pull from when working with your client. Share why you do things the way you do. It instills confidence and creates a point of difference.
  • Layout the options – Involve your clients in the decision process. When they understand the options they can make better decisions, you don’t feel as responsible, and they own the outcome. Your job is to educate your clients and support their decisions.
  • All of this equals – you care

When you are clear on what you bring to the table, you show up empowered, which in turn instills confidence in your clients. Especially when you can articulate how it helps them.

Maybe your list is different. Either way, it’s a good time to revisit it.

To your success!

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