Admiral McRaven Was Right – It Starts With Making Your Bed

It’s all about the morning routine. All coaching seems to start with it. The idea is that there is value in doing certain things each morning: affirmations, reading something inspirational, working out, etc.

The exact formula may vary, but the focus is to create a positive direction for the day.

Admiral McRaven famously talked about making your bed to win the day. Starting the day with a task completed gives you the motivation and momentum to do the next task, and it builds from there.

When school starts in the Fall it usually brings structure back to the house. As much as I love summer, I welcome the shift that comes with getting back to a routine. But that hasn’t really happened this year. With remote learning, there is school, but not the same level of structure in the house.

I’m missing my morning routine. Without it I’m definitely not as focused and have days when I feel like I’m spinning around doing tasks, but not really feeling accomplished or getting much done.

I keep trying to work in my morning routine activities throughout the day, rather than committing to the time first thing. It’s not working.

Last week I committed to getting back to my morning routine. 2 days of working out, meditating and affirmations first thing in the morning and I felt like a whole new person. Not to mention being infinitely more productive.

So consider this your gentle nudge to revisit your routine. Between the smoke, online school and everything in the media, there’s a lot going on. If you’re off your game, take a look at how you start your day. It really does affect everything that happens afterwards.

To your success!

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