Prepping Your Buyers For The Multiple Offer Roller Coaster

Whew! Being a buyer in this market is not for the faint of heart. Multiple offers, quick turn around times, waived contingencies. It can be a little nutty.

It’s also an amazing time for you to guide your clients and really shine as an agent. Your clients need you now more than ever. For market information, contract guidance, and emotional support.

All three are equally important.

How you set the stage with your Buyers affects everything. From how long it takes them to find a house, how many offers they make, how they feel about the process, and most importantly for your business – how they feel about you as an agent.

It’s easy for a buyer to feel like they don’t have any control over what is happening. This happens when they don’t understand the playing field and the options available to them.

The more you can help them with this, the better the experience will be.

Here are some key things to cover with buyers either at the first meeting, or before writing an offer:

  • You only need one house, you don’t have to like all of them
  • If you are having trouble saying yes to a house, it means it’s not the right one. (Not that you shouldn’t be in the market)
  • Write the offer that works for you. Meaning there is a price that you are excited / okay with paying and there is a price that you are okay if someone else gets it.
  • Know that if you don’t get a house, it is going to be a huge bummer. You are going to feel lousy. That’s normal, but also know it means that it wasn’t meant to be your house, and a better fit is coming. (It’s a little woo woo, but I really believe this and talk with all of my clients about it.)
  • It’s hard to know going into the process how long it will take. It’s more a function of the market and often properties come up.

All of these are meant to empower your client. To know that they have some say in this process, and how it goes for them.

To all of the Buyers out there – You’ve got this. Interest rates are in your favor. With the right combo of agent and lender, you can buy a great property that you will love living in.

To your success!

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