The Power of Personalization

With online school comes daily runs to Chipotle and Chick Fil A for lunch. I’ve rationalized it that it’s a chance for Alex and Ryan to get out of their rooms and spend a few minutes together each day.

Usually Alex drives them, but I picked some up, via the drive through, the other day while running around.

It’s quite the logistical event as they take orders from 3 different lines that all feed into the pick up line. And yet, as I pulled up, they delivered my order with: “order for Nicole” vs “3 chicken sandwiches and waffle fries”.

It was a small thing, but it made a big impact. They took the time to personalize the experience. The effect was 2 fold – 1. it made me smile and 2. it made me confident in the order.

It got me thinking about real estate and how we can easily personalize things for our clients. I admit that the idea of personalization sounds good, but often makes me feel like I need to reinvent the wheel for each client / situation.

But the reality is that it’s small moments that have a big impact.

  • Adding a personalized cover sheet to your buyer and seller packages
  • Having fun conversations while you are working together so that you know ahead of time what their favorite wine, or drink is to celebrate
  • Doing the escrow introduction at mutual acceptance so that it feels cohesive rather than receiving requests for personal information from random people

What are some of the easy ways that you customize things for your clients?

To your success!

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