Reclaim Your Time

This holiday season may not be filled with exotic travel like years past, but it’s still a time to relax and take a step back from work.

Yet, I’ve talked to several agents this week whose phones keep on ringing. Which can create some inner conflict. How do you take your planned, and much needed time off, and stay engaged with clients?

Here are 3 ideas that might help:

  1. For your current clients: Set the stage of what to expect. Most listings, if they aren’t on the market yet, will wait until January to list so that they don’t miss out on exposure. Let your buyers know ahead of time that it will be quiet and not to panic. For active listings, it could go either way with activity, but you can be pretty confident that this next week will be quiet.
  2. For new buyer clients: It might be worth a zoom call, but this isn’t the time to be driving around looking at property. The listing inventory is too low. It’s the time for them to do homework like getting pre approved and driving neighborhoods. Things that don’t take your time, and will set them up for success when the rush on new listings hit in January.
  3. For new seller clients: There isn’t any benefit to coming on the market in the next 2 weeks. In fact, they could be missing out on market exposure. It’s better if they use the time to declutter and prep the house for mid January. All things that you don’t need to be there for and can manage from afar if necessary.

The main thing is to set expectations, and let them know that they are not missing out on anything in the next 2 weeks.

Let them know that if something comes up, you are around, but otherwise it’s a time to relax and celebrate.

Time off is just as important as time spent working. I have a feeling that the market is going to pick up steam in January and keep right on rolling with multiple offers.

So take this time to relax. You earned it and you will need it going forward.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and all the success you could ever dream of!


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