In 2021 I Resolve To Let Go Of…

I love the reset that comes with the New Year. Whether you call them resolutions or goals, it’s the perfect time to evaluate life and business so that you can move forward with intention.

This typically involves creating a long list of I Wish and I Should.

  • I wish to make more money …
  • I should eat more vegetables …

No matter how well intentioned the list is and how beneficial the results might be, you are pilling on a list of new activities onto your already full life that your body and brain are hard wired to resist.

Remember, success comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone. But we are wired as humans to keep ourselves safe, which means sticking with what we know. Even if what we know, isn’t what we want.

So before you bury yourself under a list of things you “should” be doing, let’s try a different approach.

What if we could get there easier and faster by letting go of that which doesn’t serve us anymore?

Here are some of the things I resolve to let go of this year:

  • Any goal that I feel like I ‘should’ have, but isn’t actually mine: Years ago I had a goal to own a second home, and for a short time we did. We have so many friends with second homes (and with Covid I am so very envious of you right now), but the reality is that we are not second home people. At least not now. I would be buying a second home out of obligation, not joy. So I choose to let that one go.
  • How many houses I sell: Focusing on the number of transactions affects how I show up with my clients – not in a good way. My goals are based on trips taken, money invested, investment properties purchased and all around fun had. Those goals empower me and allow me to show up as my best self.
  • The big solution, when the little one will do: I’ll expand more on this in next week’s post, but it’s easy to get caught up in the mindset that to make a big change you need to do something drastic. Sorry Anthony Robbins, this is where we disagree. I can do drastic action for a short period of time. VERY short. There might be some benefit, but it’s not usually equal to the action. You could spend thousands of dollars a month on internet leads and inside sales agents to generate dozens of sales. Or you could call your current and past clients and offer amazing service. You might not do as many sales, but the cost of sales would be much lower, and you would likely have a lot more fun.

What do you resolve to let go of this year?

To Your Success!

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