Weekly Experiments on Focus and Results

I love the word ‘experiment’ for so many reasons, but especially when it comes to life and business. Setting goals and action plans always feel so stressful and charged. What if they don’t work? How do you know at the beginning if you’ve chosen the right one? If you don’t get the desired result whose fault was it – yours or the plans? Either way, the potential to feel less than is high, and I don’t know anyone who finds that inspiring.

So I prefer to run experiments. Which acknowledge that it may or may not work, that there are multiple variables in play, and that no matter what the outcome there is cause for celebration – something was learned – and the opportunity for adjustment without judgement.

I’m a numbers person, and it’s not always a good thing. I think / obsess constantly about where my income is relative to my goal, the amount of time left in the year, my average sales price and rate, etc. From a traditional planning standpoint this would be applauded. Isn’t knowing your numbers the key tenant of a successful business?

Probably, but it stresses me out as I look at the clock ticking and each moment that goes by a kernel of doubt seems to grow. Especially as we enter the second 1/2 of the year. There is officially more of the year behind us than ahead.

I do MUCH better when I focus on the end number, connecting with others and completely let go of the HOW. Meaning, I don’t care if you buy a house today or tomorrow or what the price point is, or how many houses I have to show before you buy, or whether your listing price is above or below my average price point. I just show up to meet my clients where they are at and have the best experience and outcome possible. That is when it all comes together and my goal, which was starting to seem impossible is suddenly a whole lot closer than I ever could have imagined.

I played with it last month and had some great results. I decided to do a week long experiment where I set an income goal. It was a large amount to make in 7 days and one that if I just focused on the how – how many transactions does that break down to? Is there enough time to work with that many clients? Will the right houses come on that they even want to buy? The answer to most of those questions would have been no.

So I decided to experiment with just being present and flowing with whatever came. And it worked! Better yet, I did it while taking a day off and having it all come together really easily.

The best part – since I labeled it an experiment I’m free to do it again, and make changes to see if I can get even closer next time vs feeling less than for not hitting the number or assuming this is the only way it can show up going forward.

What’s your experiment going to be? Have fun with this. Summer is the perfect time to mix things up.

Experiments work best if you take notes. What did you try? What were the variables you used? What was the result? You will be amazed at how much valuable information is in there.

To your success!

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