What If You Are Enough Right Now?

How often do we beat ourselves up over the what if’s of life? Assuming that we are somehow inadequate or have fallen short and if we can only …. things would be better.

Whatever your phrase of choice to fill in the blank it essentially comes down to, you are not enough or adequate the way you are now, and that hopefully at some point in the future you will be. At which point you will be worthy and everything will start going your way.

But here’s an insider tip for you. You are worthy NOW! The entire Universe knows you are worthy of whatever you want. You are the only one not convinced. Yet.

So just for today – ask yourself – What if I am worthy of everything I desire, right now?

See how that feels and if it opens the door to the possibility of things going your way sooner vs later.

And then maybe ask yourself the same question tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that.

You got this!

To your success!

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