Fun Ways To Connect With Clients and Build Referrals

I had the honor of speaking about building a referral business at the kick off meeting for Whatcom county this week. It’s always fun to see how owners support their agents. They did a great job of setting them up for a successful year.

Referrals are the fun and magical part of our business. When clients are referred someone else has already given us their stamp of approval which makes things so much easier.

But just like any other part of our business, referrals take intention and structure. Sure, you will get a few referrals a year no matter what, but with a little focus that number can go up exponentially as you do more connecting and add more value.

It comes down to competency and caring with a good sized dose of fun.

If you are like me, picking up the phone to call someone ‘just because’ can feel a little awkward – even though the call is almost always a lot of fun once I do it. Having a reason to connect is a lot easier though.

So in the spirit of pop by’s and client gifts, here are some fun ways you can connect.

  • Emergen C packets – A handwritten note with a few packages of emergen C saying ‘here’s a little boost to get you through cold and flu season’.
  • Car and air fresheners for sports families – From one sports parent to another, here’s a little something to make the car ride home or laundry day go a little better.
  • Chocolate for valentines day – Because who doesn’t love chocolate on Valentine’s Day, or any day for that matter.
  • Lottery tickets – for St. Patricks day with a note that you don’t have to be Irish to be lucky – let’s go find your dream house.
  • Bark box or a bag of cookies from the pet food store for pet owners
  • Spoonful of Comfort – this one is a little pricier, but so well received when someone is sick.

Who are your people? What are they into? What’s something small and meaningful you can drop off or send? I’m a sports mom and the laundry situation is no joke after they have left their practice and game jerseys in the basket for a few days. Pretty much every other parent I’ve talked to has said the same thing, so an air freshener is unique and relevant to them.

A couple of things to help make this more effective:

  • Connect because you care, not because you expect to get something in return. Yes we want referrals, and they will come, but people can tell when you are out to get something and that doesn’t usually go well.
  • The smaller the gesture often the bigger the impact. It doesn’t have to be big and expensive to be meaningful and fun.
  • Don’t over complicate or over calculate. It doesn’t have to be the perfect gift, and don’t try to determine who is most likely to refer. Once you start connecting, the referrals will come.
  • Go outside of your database on some of these. Not all of the sports parents are on my mailing list, but they all know what I do and showing up to the next game and passing out air fresheners would be fun and a great way to build a stronger relationship with them.

Have fun with this. Remember – it’s a contact sport. Keep connecting and the referrals will come.

To your success!

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