Unplug, It Is An Amazing Difference

I have heard several times before that even when things are turned off, if they are still plugged into an electrical outlet the are drawing electricity and therefore increasing your power bill.  Hmm, interesting.  So we decided to give it a shot and see what sort of impact it actually made on our gas and electric bill.  We went around the house and unplugged virtually everything with the exception of the alarm clock, our TV downstairs because it is mounted on the wall and we can’t get to the plug, the computer because the plug is not accessible and the washer and dryer.  We also made sure that the thermostat was set so that we were not heating the house during the day when no one was there.  And the result? ……  We saved $110 last month compared to the month before when we had not unplugged anything!  The previous bill was $298 and this last bill was $187.  Yahoo!

I don’t know about you, but to me that is like getting $1,200 in free money each year now.  With really no change in lifestyle we have freed up an extra $100 a month.

So the funny thing about this is both my husband and I have been sharing this story with people because we think it is so great.  The responses are amazing.  With some people you can see their eyes light up as they realize that doing something so easy could save them so much money.  With other people they look at you like you are crazy and start to talk about what a hassle that would be.  I don’t know, I guess it is all perspective, but I definitely thought that it was cool enough to share.

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