I Had A Get It Done Day Planned And Then …

Ryan broke his arm!  It was going to be the ultimate work day.  I had planned out the night before what I wanted to get done today.  The clients to call, the houses to preview, the inspection for my new listing, appointments to schedule for next week, networking with other agents, and more.  I had even squeezed in a pedicure appointment!

Before I started on my list, though, I needed to take Ryan to the doctor and have them check his arm.  He had fallen and his arm really seemed to be bothering him.  Turns out he broke it!  He was fine jumping of the giant pile of dirt at my Dad’s house, but he fell out of a chair and that did it.  Crazy!  As he walked out of the doctors office with a cast he was not too sure of things.  So I decided to bail on my work day and we spent the day together.  I can’t remember the last time we spent the day together, just the two of us.  It was great!  We had lunch together and played at the park and when he couldn’t get comfortable for his nap he slept on my lap while I sat on the couch.  Talk about a happy mommy!  I would give up banging out a to do list at work any day to spend it snuggling my boys.  So tomorrow we will all be back at it, but I am so very grateful to have spent the day with Ryan and to be in an industry that allows me that flexibility.

And by the way, Ryan is more than fine.  He figured out how to get the candy into him mouth even though his arm is at an awkward angle, climbed up the slide by himself at the park, stole Alex’s toys when he wasn’t looking and did the ‘I did it dance in the middle of Costco’ just for the fun of it.

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