Technology Is A Pain In My A@$!

I have spent the last 2 hours of my day trying to do various things on a computer that should have taken 10 minutes and I want those other 110 minutes back!  I typed a blog post in word a few days ago because I was working off line and just went to copy and paste it into the blog but it will not load because these guys don’t support Microsoft Office, whatever that means.  I tried to then save it down so I could email it another computer and print it out from there, but now that I have saved it once I can not find the other friggin ‘save as’ button again that will let me change the format it is saved in.  Can you tell I am totally fired up right now!

I love technology and the fact that for the most part it makes our lives infinitely better and easier, but seriously, each time you get a new computer or upgrade they manage to make it just enough different, ‘better’ that it takes a while to get used to the new layout.

Oh well, such is life I suppose and what better motivation to get out there and connect with clients so that I can sell a house and afford an assistant again because this spending hours on end trying to figure things out on the computer is not for me.

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