The World Is A Better Place Because Of Judy Nice…

And many of us are better people because of having known her.  This past Sunday, Judy, my good friend, broker, mentor and all around idol passed away after a 5 year bout with cancer.  If you ever wonder if one person can make a difference or if the little things that you are doing today add up to something worth while down the road, all you have to do is know Judy and you know that this is true.

In real estate she was ‘the man’.  No one knew more than Judy including the good old boys that seem to run most of the offices in this area.  They all listened when Judy spoke and many of them defered to her for answers on questions that were beyond their abilities.  If you ever got into a dispute with another party, having Judy at the table and on your side was worth everything.  We had a party for Judy back in November of last year for everyone to share with her how much she has meant to them.  There were some crazy stories that came up about Judy and how she goes to bat for the agents that work for her.  One agent had a crazy client make a death threat against her.  Judy called the guy up and told him to watch his back because she would be sure to get him first.  They never had an issue with the guy again.   Throughout her almost 40 year career in Real Estate Judy never stopped learning and being curious about what was going on in the industry, how were others succeeding and how could she bring these things to her agents to help them succeed as well.

But Judy’s greatness was not just professional, it was who she was as a person and what she stood for.  She had a very strong faith and spiritual practice which gave her an inner strength that radiated into everything that she did.  She had been through the rough stuff and come out okay on the other side.  Her door was always open and you could talk to her about anything.  Often times she could relate to exactly what you were going through.  She would be there to support you as you struggled through, and she always had faith in you that you would make it to the other side.  Stacey, her daughter, told one of the doctors recently that she was an only child, but that her mother had many children.   Weather it was her extended family, agents in the office, or just people that she knew in her life, Judy impacted all of us as we grew into the people we are today.  Stacey we all thank you for your graciousness in sharing your mother with us as openly as you did.

So know that you too can have an impact on someone else’s life each day.  I do believe that we are all put here for a reason, sometimes you just don’t know it until after the fact.

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  1. Aspen on January 18, 2012 at 7:51 am

    Always rreefsihng to hear a rational answer.

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