What Is The Professional Thing To Do?

When you are working with a client, especially in the beginning, it is a lot like dating.  Should you call them the day after you meet them to thank them for the appointment or does that feel too needy?  Is email the best way to deliver news to them or should I call them?  Then once you are into the ‘relationship’ and working on a purchase or sale it can come up again.  Should I call them to touch base even though I don’ t really have anything new to report?

Whenever I find myself going down this road and feeling uncertain about my next action with a client I take a step back and ask myself what is the ‘professional’ thing to do in this situation?  I know that we are all professionals and I do not mean to imply otherwise, but we are also people and sometimes we are less confident than others.  The moment I make it about being professional and what is best  for the client, the answer is always crystal clear.  Professionalism is always appreciated and in the thick of a transaction it is virtually impossible to over communicate so just go with the more is better rule of thumb.

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