How Big Is Your Circle?

Usually when we talk about circles it refers to your sphere or the number of people that you are connected to.  Today, I am referring to the circle that you drive.

We all have a circle of places that we go on a regular basis: school, work, the grocery store, dry cleaner, shopping, etc.  How far are you away from all of that?  Chances are that you spend much more time in the car than you realize and it can add to your stress levels as you are always racing from one place to another and short on time.

I made a conscious effort these last few months to decrease my circle and it has been great!  On a personal level everything that I do is very close by.  The school for the boys is 2 blocks away, the grocery store is 5 minutes, the dry cleaner is down the street, my hair dresser is 2 minutes away versus 20 minutes away before.  In business, my office is 3 miles away and most of my business is done in a 5 mile radius.

I started realizing the other day just how much keeping everything close helps.  I am forever trying to fit in ‘just one more thing’ before the end of the day.  Not having lots of commute time helps.

So take a look at your circle and see if there is any way that you can bring it in.  It might take adjusting, but the time and energy savings will be worth it.

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