I Would Like You To Meet …. Oh Shoot, What Was Your Name Again?

This is how I usually end up doing introductions.  I can remember everything about people, except their names.  Or at least that is the story that I have been telling myself up until now.  The reality is that saying that is a complete cop out.  If I can remember everything about someone, then why can’t I remember their names!

Somewhere along the way I was affraid that I would get someones name wrong which turned into my not even trying to remember people’s names when I first meet them.

Society doesn’t help at all because we have made it perfectly acceptable to say, ‘I’m so sorry but I have forgotten your name’ and the other person instantly relaxes with a sigh of relief because they have done the same thing.

The reality is that it is completely rude not to take the time to remember someone’s name, or at least put some effort into it.

So if no one else can remember any one’s name, why does it matter?  Because it let’s people know that you care and it is a sign of respect.

Last night Gary and I were at a party and in the very beginning of the evening he introduced me to a gal named Michelle.  We said hello, shook hands and that was about it.   When we were leaving the party about 5 hours later we were saying good night to Michelle and she said, “It was great to meet you Nicole, I hope you get to do some fun things while you are here in LA.”  That one simple statement, where she used my name, made such a HUGE impact on me.  Here was a gal that was putting on a big industry event, so she clearly had alot on her mind and after a few hours probably a cocktail or two in her and she STILL took the time to remember my name.

It really is the smallest things that make the biggest impact. So the next time you meet someone, take a moment to actually HEAR and REMEMBER their name so that you can use it the next time you chat.  It will mean the world to them and maybe even cause them to remember your name the next time you meet. 🙂

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