The Opportunity To Fail Is Always There, So Dream Big!

I heard someone say this while I was camping last weekend.  Now a campsite, complete with tents, water sports, campfires and enough beer to refill the lake should it ever run dry is not exactly where you hear something that strikes you as profound.  But that is exactly what happened.  Proof yet again, that there is wisdom in the oddest places, you just have to look.

The comment about failing came as I was walking down a steep gravel slope.  The path split and you could either take the super steep but shorter route or take the longer, less steep route.  As I was walking down the longer slope another gal started walking down the steep slope.  I commented that she was braver than I as I was afraid of falling on the rocks.  Her comment back … ‘the opportunity for falling exists on both paths so why not just take the shortest one’.  Well okay then!  Great advice at the moment, but I have to say, pretty insightful and profound in all areas of life.

How many times have you played it safe because you didn’t want to fail only to wind up having it all fall apart anyway?  How many times have you done nothing and then felt like crap because you are still having the same issues without any improvement?

Failure is an option no matter which path you take, so dream big and take action.  Sitting still doesn’t make you any less of a failure, it just means you missed out on some really great stuff along the way.

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