Need A New Perspective? Spend The Day In High Heels…

I love shoes! First there is the obvious ~ you can ALWAYS go shoe shopping.  I admit that I have been known to skip trying on jeans because I just wasn’t feeling it that day, but I am always up for trying on shoes!  There is always something in my closet that is just awaiting the perfect pair of shoes to transform it from ho hum to out of this world.

They can also change the whole look and vibe of an outfit.  Pair a black dress with flip flops and you can wear it on a warm summer day strolling the board walk along the water.  Pair it with a classic pump and that same dress can take you to the board room with confidence and style. Take that same dress and pair it with some racy red high heels and you are ready for a night out on the town.  Don’t you just feel sexier with high heels on?  It’s not just 3 different outfits ~ it’s 3 different perspectives on the world.  Relaxed and fun, driven and professional, and sexy and alive.

Have some fun today and spend the day in some high heels.  The higher the better.  I wore some 6 inch heels on Tuesday and it is amazing how different it feels to be that tall!  Don’t panic if the thought of wearing heels that high has visions of sprained ankles dancing in your head.  Get some wedges or platform shoes.  Admittedly they are still a bit wobbly until you get used to them, but they are MUCH more stable and kinder to your feet thank stilettos.

It was amazing to walk around a whole 6 inches taller! Stand at the counter in your kitchen and notice how much further you have to reach. Notice how other people seem so much shorter now.  It really is a whole new perspective.  Just don’t look at the top of your refrigerator with your new found height ~ it will make you cringe at the dust up there! 🙂

Take your new perspective and apply it to something in your life that you have been trying to figure out.  Maybe you just need to change the angle that you come at it.

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