Your Great Ideas Have A Shelf Life

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When was the last time you heard a great idea for your business at a class or conference? Did you think to yourself, “That is exactly what I need to implement to improve my business”?

Did you?

Did you actually do anything with your great idea?

We have all done it. Had that brilliant insight and done nothing with it. You are too busy right now. You will get to it when you have time. The thing is that good ideas are a lot like the milk in your fridge. They have an expiration date. It’s only a matter of time before you loose the motivation or get distracted by the next great thing.

Ideas without action yield nothing. And by the way, you will never have enough time. It will never be the right time to implement something new.

You must take action. The sooner the better. So the next time you have a brilliant idea take a moment right then and there to do one action item towards implementing it. You may not have time to complete the entire project, but I guarantee you there is something that you can do right now to start you on the path to implementing and getting results from that great idea which will actually benefit you and your business.

To your success!


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  1. Tina Chrismon on February 24, 2012 at 3:03 am

    Great post… can you send me a copy of your checklist. Thanks.

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