The Magic Bullet For Your Business

I taught a class recently where one of the attendees said she was there for the ‘magic bullet’ to improve her business.

I’ll be honest. I have been there, too. There have been times when I was struggling in my business, not doing as much as I wanted.  I always assumed there had to be some magic bullet out there…some secret to success that I was missing.

After years of research I have finally uncovered the magic bullet and it is….


I know. Kind of a let down, isn’t it?  Consistency is not earth shattering and it’s definitely not unique or sexy.

It is, however, the secret and the thing that we struggle with the most.

All ideas work, but without consistency nothing works.

The good news is that a small amount of consistency goes a long way.

One extra phone call a day. One extra community event a week. One extra client appointment a month will have a huge impact in your business.

I think we set ourselves up for failure because we set our sights too high. You plan to go from not making any phone calls to your clients to making 10 a day. There isn’t any way to do that consistently. It is too far from your current norm.

It’s much better to sneak up on success, with consistency.

Make one extra phone call a day and when that gets comfortable increase it to two.

In the beginning, it will feel like nothing is happening but I guarantee you that, with consistency (have I driven that word home enough yet?), the results will come and they will be much greater than you ever could have imagined.

To your success!


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