Streamline Your Business For More Income

While teaching a class yesterday, one of the agents commented on how frustrated she is with her business. There are so many things needed to generate business that she doesn’t feel like she has time to actually meet with clients and sell real estate.

This is a common frustration for many agents.

Do you wish you knew what to do and how to spend your time to generate clients without working 24/7?

The answer is to streamline what you do.

Chances are that you are actually doing too many different things in your business…and not doing any of them consistently enough to get results.

Focusing on one thing will free up your time and give you much better results. If you like staying in touch with clients by calling them then focus on that. If you prefer to write note cards then do that, but do it consistently.

Like Curly says in City Slickers, “It’s about that one thing.”  Find the one thing that works for you and do it consistently.

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