Why Is It Always Easier For Everyone Else?

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Have you ever had that thought?  I must admit, I have.  Whenever I am struggling with something, I invariably look up and see someone else who seems to do it without effort and with ease and think, why can they do it and I can’t?  Sometimes there is a hint of admiration there but, often, it includes a bit of envy and frustration.

Years ago, I remember reading Rolling Stone Magazine and the lastest musical sensation commented that “it takes a long time to be an overnight success”.  This is true for all of us.   We always see people when they are at the top of their game, but seldom do we see the struggles that they have in order to get there.

Know that we all have our stories.  I remember chatting with a girlfriend of mine who runs a very successful image consultant business.  She is gorgeous and always impeccably dressed.  I always assumed that she was pretty much born that way ,one night, when we had dinner and she shared her story of growing up and being the odd one out, based on where they lived and how difficult it was to not fit in.  I saw her in a whole new light after that and so admire her for her courage and strength.

For me, I have done well with my real estate career but I can not tell you the amount of times that I have been at home in the evening scared that I will not be able to make my next sale or get out of the endless feast and famine cycle.  What made the difference for me was talking to others…sharing my story and allowing them to encourage me as well as listening to others as they shared their stories, learning that we all have something to work through.

So, show yourself and those around you a little compassion.  Your energy is better spent encouraging others and being gentle with yourself.

To your success!

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