How can you be 1% more visible?

Real Estate is a contact sport and this week my broker challenged me to become 1% more visible.

I’m a big believer that small changes yield exponential results, so this challenge was a perfect fit.

Each day I’ve been doing 1% more to connect with others and it’s a challenge I am now sharing with you.

Need some ideas to get you going? Try these:

  1. Make friends with social media: Whether it’s personal or professional, put it out there. Engage with people in conversations. It leverages your actions and makes you exponentially more visible.
  1. Get creative with your next mailing: Have you sold multiple houses in the same area? If so, send a postcard to those neighbors, letting them know that you are the area expert. Or do a mailing with a local business. Maybe a postcard with a coupon for a free ice cream cone. A great way to get some extra visibility for yourself and a local business
  1. Make 1 extra phone call a day: What if you could change your life in 4 minutes or less? Making 1 extra call a day can do just that.
  1. Say hello to the agents when you tour their homes: I used to blow through the brokers open houses as fast as I could and barely acknowledged the listing agent holding it open. Now, I slow down and take a moment to say hello and ask them about the house. You never know when the two of you will do a transaction together and having that relationship can make all the difference.
  1. Attend an event: It could be the weekly farmers market, a concert in the park, a fun raising event. The options are endless this time of year and most of them are free. Make it a point to attend something this week. I guarantee you will run into someone you know. And if you really want to kick the visibility up a notch, invite a client to go with you.

I’d love to hear from you. What can you do today to make yourself 1% more visible?



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