Let Go Of The Clock To Sell More

Vintage alalrm clock on yellow backgroundIt’s the 4th quarter. Time to sell some real estate, and finish the year strong.

Does this motivate you, and make you want to pull out all the stops?


Does it feel like the walls are closing in, and time is running out?

If you are feeling motivated, then congratulations ~ keep going.

But if you are starting to spin in a cul-de-sac of indecision we need to get you out of analysis paralysis and moving forward.

You can not afford to give up on the year. If you give up now and roll into January with nothing going on it will be the end of February before you get anything going. How’s that for a scare tactic?

So how do we get you moving and selling some real estate?

Let go of the clock.

We’ve heard a thousand times. A goal isn’t legitimate unless it has a timeframe attached. It sounds good, but in reality it can be counterproductive. At the beginning of the timeframe it isn’t motivating because it feels like there is so much time, what’s the rush. Towards the end it’s paralyzing as you think, oh no, there’s no way I can pull everything together.

For right now, just focus on forward motion.

Focusing on the clock usually goes hand in hand with focusing on the feeling that it’s not working. The phone hasn’t rung in the last 15 minutes. New clients have not shown up in your inbox since the last time you checked (5 minutes ago).

Heaven forbid you do get a client. You end up trying to cram their sale into your timeframe, and it gets weird in a hurry.

But wait, you have bills to pay and things that need to happen. Your letting go of timeframes is one thing, but your mortgage company isn’t about to let go of the fact that they expect to be paid every 30 days and there are consequences if they are not.

Here’s what I know is true:

The Universe would not have brought you this far to let you down now. 

The sales and the money will be there. Your job is to keep the door open and moving forward.

What can you do today to connect with a client and move something forward?

To your success!

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