3 Words You Should Never Say To An Agent

Female Estate Agent Working At Desk“How’s your business?”

They are such simple words. Often meant in kindness and curiosity, yet they can derail you faster than you could ever imagine.

For me it always starts innocently enough. I’ll be talking to another agent, they ask me how things are going and then I ask them. Their response is often something along the lines of :

  • I’m so slow right now, there’s nothing going on in the market
  • Things are crazy, it’s impossible to find my buyers a house
  • My sellers are giving me a really hard time about my fee

The list goes on. I’ll try to be polite and say something like “yes, I know what you mean” and my brain will try to find an instance where I experienced the same thing so that I can relate.

You know where the story goes from there. What you focus on expands. Sure enough, what starts off as a friendly conversation sends me spiraling in to stuckville.

This came up today when I was chatting with an agent friend of mine. We were talking about our own experiences with the market, and then she said, “I wonder what they are saying at the office meeting about the market, and what other agents feel.” I instantly wanted to cover my ears and sing La La La to block it out.

I don’t want to know what other agents think.

What I know for me is that the market is busy right now. I’m incredibly fortunate to have listings in a low inventory market, and I want to keep that train rolling. All of my clients are nice, appreciative, and wonderful to work with. It’s great. I worked hard to create this reality. I’m done giving it up so that I can try to be “nice” to someone else who hasn’t.

What I know is that this scenario can be created in any market at any time.

Remember the receiving journal exercise that I wrote about a few weeks ago? We did it in the last mentorship session. One of the agents who had started the meeting feeling down and like she didn’t have anything to show for her efforts realized how many great things actually were coming together. An instant shift in her reality.

You can do it to. Decide what you want your business / life to look like, look for evidence of it and guard your position like your life depends on it. Because it does.

To your success!


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