Same Message, Different Outcome

How You Say It Matters As Much As What You Say2 weeks ago my Dad and I were out running errands, and stopped by a jeweler for help with a repair.

At the first jewelry store, we had barely finished our question, and the gal said “we can’t help you with that”. It felt like maybe she was jumping to conclusions, or didn’t really understanding what we were asking, so we asked again. Same answer.

As we walked out of the store, both my dad and I looked at each other and said, “what was that all about”? We got the feeling that we were bothering her, or interrupting something. We were the only people in the entire store though, so I doubt that.

Then we decided to try another store. There, the gal at the counter was very friendly. We asked our question, showed her the piece, and when she didn’t know the answer she went back to ask the jeweler if he would take a look at it. He came out, spent a few seconds and explained that he couldn’t repair it either, but offered a solution that we could try on our own.

Effectively he gave us the exact same answer as the first place, but the way he delivered the message, was completely different. The whole thing took less than 3 minutes, so it’s not like he took a big chunk of time out of his day.

But in those 3 minutes he listened, and showed that he cared. He took the time to connect with my dad in a meaningful way.

In our business we are tasked with delivering information to our clients constantly. How that information gets delivered determines their reaction, just as much as the information itself.

Take 30 seconds before you pick up the phone or hit send to consider the how of your message along with the what.

Often times, stressful situations can be diffused or avoided when we take the time to do this.

To your success!


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