When Telling The Truth Means You Don’t Get Paid Today

Your client calls; they’ve found the perfect house and want to write an offer. Excellent!

There’s just one problem. The house isn’t even remotely inline with what they said they wanted. It’s further from their family vs closer. It’s the wrong layout. The timing isn’t right. If they buy before they sell they run the risk of putting themselves in financial jeopardy.

It doesn’t feel right. But gosh, selling a house today would be awesome.

After all, they’re educated adults. If they are excited about it, surely they’ve thought through the pros and cons. They know what they’re doing. Right?

The internal battle wages. Do you speak up, or do you just write the contract?

Here’s the thing though:

Real estate, at it’s core, is an emotional decision. Yes, even for your most data driven engineer.

People make decisions with emotion, and justify them with logic. I’ve bought enough shoes in my life to know that you can bend logic just about any way you want when you want something bad enough.

Your clients pay you to be the voice of reason. To be the gentle reminder of their long term goal vs short term whim.

Speaking up might cost you a sale today, and earn you 10 more down the road through repeat business and referrals.

Loyalty, referrals and success come from taking care of people, and holding their best interest first and foremost with everything that you do.

You will still sell them a house, but delaying from today to tomorrow can be so much more profitable.

To your success!

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