Clear Space For 2017

“Keeping baggage from the past will leave no room for happiness in the future”
Wayne L. Misner

2017 is hours away. A blank slate of hope and possibility. Are you ready?

We usually think we are, but in reality we are holding on to the past. This makes it’s hard to create  space for something new in the future.

Dedicate some time to clear the clutter, and make space for all of those wonderful goals and intentions that you have set.

Clutter shows up in many forms, physical, mental, emotional, and electronic. (Those emails from 4 months ago that you haven’t gotten to yet, they are now officially clutter.)

Here’s your assignment:

For the next 2 weeks get rid of 21 items every day.


You can throw them away, delete them, donate, or recycle them.

One caveat: If you are going to donate them they have to be donated that day. Otherwise you’ve just moved the clutter, but not cleared it.

21 might sound like a lot, but your junk drawer in the kitchen, and all of the unmatched socks in your laundry room should last you for a couple of days.

Have fun creating space. Notice how you feel once you get rid of things. For me, I feel physically lighter, and spaces seem bigger, leaving lots of space for new things to show up.

To your success!

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