The Dirty Little Secret of Not Showing Up

Real estate is a contact sport. But you knew that already.

The tricky part is that sometimes showing up isn’t convenient, or it’s outside of our comfort zone. So we skip the meeting, or making our phone calls – just this once. We’ll get to it later.

And then we realize that the world didn’t stop turning. We didn’t miss anything, and we start telling ourselves that maybe it’s not so bad to skip these things.

After all, the phone is still ringing, sort of. No one calls to say they would have referred us if only we had reached out. So we trick ourselves into thinking that showing up isn’t that important. And it’s a relief because we are busy with life and you don’t really like making phone calls.

But 6 months pass, and all of a sudden the phone isn’t ringing as much, and you can’t figure out why.

It’s the dirty little secret of not showing up. It’s easy to convince yourself that it doesn’t matter.

But here’s what happens when you do show up. Unexpected things come up, seemingly out of no where.

Here’s a real world example:

When I started in real estate I was always busy in December. I could pretty much guarantee 3 sales that month. It was before we had kids, Gary is busy that month so I figured that if he was busy working I might as well show up too. And it worked.

Now we have kids, I’m usually doing things with them, and we tend to travel in December as part of our experiences vs stuff version of the holidays. Sure enough, I stopped doing much of anything in December. I might have a closing to work on, but rarely did I generate new business in December.

This year we decided to stay in town, and sure enough I sold 2 properties and received 3 referrals. Because I showed up, and was focused on business.

So make a commitment to yourself and your business. It’s time to show up. Where can you show up this week to keep the wheels of your business turning?

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To your success,

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