Transitions, Awkwardness, and Finishing Strong in The 4th Quarter

If you have kids at home, the middle of August marks the transition from summer to back to school.

Days are filled with tasks vs adventures. Translation – less days at the lake and more days at the dentist.

It’s also a time when, at least for me, when my brain starts thinking more about work and how to finish the year strong. Yet, as ready as I am to get going, it’s not the time to actually take action on anything.

It can get weird if you aren’t careful. It’s frustrating to feel like you are ready to go, but the Universe or timing or whatever isn’t quite ready yet. And you’re left spinning your wheels.

Even if you don’t have kids, chances are you can relate. We all seem to have a period during the year when we are fired up and ready to get things going, but the timing isn’t right. Late January and early February are another time that this seems to come up.

If you’re in the thick of it right now, here are a few things that can help in the interim:

  • The solution to many things in life is usually presence and gratitude. Find what you can to appreciate in the current moment and focus on that. Raising your vibration in this moment, positively impacts all that follow.
  • Pave the way for success by checking things off the list. This may not be the time to start anything new, but it’s a fantastic time to tie up lose ends. Clear the slate so that in September you can focus all of your efforts on ramping up your business.
  • Sign up for a class in September to rejuvenate you. Transitioning from one cycle to the next can get a little wonky. It’s not uncommon to resist the shift. Translation, it’s the 3rd week of September and you still aren’t starting your day until noon. It’s helpful to schedule some kind of class or get together with your mastermind to get things going.

The kids will be back in school soon enough, and there will be plenty of time to sell houses.

To your success!

PS: Back by popular demand, I’ll be doing a Fall mastermind again. It’s different content and a different format than I’ve done before and I’m super excited to share it. Stay tuned for more info in next week’s post.

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