It’s Okay To Want Something Different

I posted this picture a few weeks ago before embarking on a kitchen remodel, and the comments amazed me.

Many asked why we were changing something that already looked pretty good. I have to admit second guessing myself a bit as well. Once the clutter was cleared off the counter, it didn’t look that bad.

We didn’t decide to remodel because anything was wrong. We wanted something different that would be better for our family. We wanted it to be brighter, fresher and more open. The wood and granite were dark, and it’s not an area of the house that gets a lot of light. Also, with our low ceilings, the pendants were blocking the view and open feel.

The comments combined with my own moments of doubt really got me thinking about how often the desire for more, and the doubt, fear and resistance that comes with it shows up in other areas of our life.

How often do we decide that what we have or what we have achieved is “okay” while secretly hoping for something different?

We don’t speak up because we are afraid of what others will say, or that we are being ungrateful for what we have, or we feel unworthy of wanting more and scared about our ability to produce it.

Sound familiar?

How does this show up in your business? Are you thrilled with your results this year, or just feeling MEH about them? Do you usually rock the 4th quarter or ride it out hoping that you made enough in the Spring market to carry you through?

I think a lot of times we feel that we need permission to want more. To grow. To expand.

You don’t, but just in case – consider this your permission slip. You are officially worthy of and able to be, do and have anything you want.

So don’t just accept the 4th quarter. Take some time to decide this weekend what you want it to look like and craft your path to get there.

To your success!

PS: In my last post I mentioned the upcoming Fall mentorship group. My plate is feeling a little full right now with work, the remodel and getting the boys set with school. The format is changing for the group and I want to be sure we have all of the pieces in place so that you can get the most out of it. So we are postponing until the Spring. Know that I’ll be in your inbox between now and then, though, with helpful tips to keep you going.

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