Whose In Your Corner?

We’ve been in Cooperstown, New York for the last week while Ryan played a baseball tournament. We watched baseball, visited the Hall of Fame and checked out the beautiful countryside and small towns.

The week has been filled with so many memories, one of which was Ryan hitting his first over the fence home run in a game. He’s done it dozens of times in batting practice, but this was the first one that put runs on the scoreboard.

That home run meant a lot to him, but I think what mattered even more was that his brother was there to see it, and jumped in on the celebrating with the commemorative t shirt and the biggest high five ever.

It was a good reminder that moments like this are meant to be celebrated, and are that much more fun when shared with people we care about.

But that doesn’t mean that you should hide way when things get tough.

It’s all about who’s in your corner through the good times and the bad. They’ve talked each other through plenty of batting slumps.

This came up in the last class I taught as well. They were newer agents and someone asked about what to do when things get tough. My answer was to find your tribe. The one that you can be open and honest with. Victories and challenges come to all of us.

Neither of which should be experienced alone.

To your success!

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