The Easiest Way to Articulate Your Value

It’s busy out there.

One of the benefits of being busy is the ability to “stress test” your systems. It’s a perfect opportunity to recognize what’s working and fine tune what’s not. It’s also an opportunity for marketing gold – if you document it.

Last year, I decided to invest in my own staging inventory so that I could stage my own listings. The first couple of times took days to get everything moved and figured out. One of the good things about the boys being around all summer, is they were available to move furniture!

Fast forward to this month and we have listed, and staged, 5 homes. There was limited time to get it done, and no time to reinvent the wheel. We had to create a system. I would love to tell you that I’m able to create my systems before I need them, but for me, I need to get in there and figure it out in the moment.

The great news is that after staging 5 homes it was easy to spot the patterns, and see what worked.

From there, I created a checklist and turned it into a pretty pdf.

Now, I can save time when I stage, or hire someone to do it for me, and give them the list knowing that we will get the same result.

Best of all, I can share the pdf with my clients. What better way to articulate my value, than to share a detailed list of exactly what we do to get them amazing results?

They say that showing is better than telling. Seeing just how much we do for our clients has a lot more impact than us rambling off a list verbally.

What’s your system when you present and negotiate an offer for buyers? How do you vet offers when you are a listing agent? Those steps can be turned into flyers that you can share with your clients to help them understand your value.

Take 30 minutes to write them down and then have someone create a pretty pdf for you.

You are already doing the work, documenting it allows you to have others help and better articulate your value to your clients.

To your success!

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