Intention vs Balance

Work – Life balance always feels like a topic worth revisiting this time of year.

If you are buyer heavy right now, chances are things are a little nutty in your world. Sellers take a lot of prep time, but it’s time that can be pre scheduled and somewhat controlled. With buyers you are at the mercy of the market.

Talking about work – life balance makes me laugh. It’s supposed to help us create a better quality of life, but it usually just highlights the things that aren’t getting done.

What if we let go of the word balance, which implies that if we just manage our schedules correctly, there is time for everything to get done every day?

What if instead, we embrace ‘Intention’?

Intention means we own our situation and our decisions. It also leaves space to let things be imbalanced in the moment, but balanced as a whole.

Rather than weeks or days, I look at the year in terms of seasons. Each season has a focus (imbalance) that allows for a balanced whole.

  • Winter – I’m not as busy with clients, so it’s my time to evaluate my systems, fine tune my marketing and work ‘on my business’.
  • Spring – It’s all real estate all the time. My one and only goal this time of year is to sell some houses!
  • Summer – This tends to be when things shift into enjoying the weather, taking time off, spending time with friends and rejuvenating.
  • Fall – There is a push to finish the year strong with sales, and start planning for the year ahead.

When I look at things this way, it works much better. I’m able to dive into the season and focus on the task at hand rather than stressing about the things I’m not getting done.

Do give yourself a break if everything feels a little one sided right now. That’s actually a good thing.

To your success

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