How To Help Based on Personality Type

I had a fascinating conversation with an agent this week about a seller that just wasn’t getting it done.

The agent was offering to provide all the resources – painters, contractors, etc – but the client wasn’t taking action. Why were they saying one thing – I need to get my house sold so that I can move on to a new job – but doing another?

We brainstormed a few different ways to approach it, but a big aha for both of us was realizing the way help is received based on personality type.

It’s what we do. It’s why our clients hire us. We help them through the process. But how we present that help affects how it’s received and the actions our clients take.

Let’s break it down:

Power People: They are the drivers, the CEO’s of the world. Offering to help by providing a list of resources will put them into a tail spin. They are delegators, not doers. And accepting help is not usually something they do well. So show up as the project manager. They can delegate prepping the house to you. Let them know you got this and the final result will make the house, and them, look amazing.

Party People: They like to know they have the inside scoop, and that whatever is happening will be fun and look great. They like help in the form of partnerships and support. Think personal shoppers and stylists who form a bond with their clients all in the name of making them look fantastic. Let them know that you know exactly who to call to get it done. They won’t do it for just anyone, and but they will for you, and the result is going to be amazing.

Peace People: They want everyone to be happy. They value reputation and longevity. Let them know that you have worked with your contractors for years and you trust them completely. All of your clients have been very satisfied with them. Peace people are slow to make decisions and don’t like to feel out of control. So let them know that you are there to facilitate things like bids, etc, but they can make all of the final decisions about what and when things get done.

Perfection People: They like numbers, stats and details. They want to know that your attention to detail is on point as well as everyone you work with. Hence my social media posts about washing your front door. It’s an often overlooked detail that makes a huge difference. Let them know that you project manage the details and know how much they matter.

It’s the same to do list, and the same great results. But getting buy in from your clients depends on how you present it. Little tweaks can make a huge difference.

To your success!

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