What’s Your Back To School Plan?

Can you feel it? The cooler mornings, the slightly shorter days. School starts in 12 days, but whose counting?

Every Fall I take time to reset, refocus on my goals and sharpen the saw. September 1st always feels like January 1st to me.

In preparation for the 4th quarter, and because I love spending time with amazing agents – I went to a Ninja Installation last week. It was the best back to school plan ever! (Yes, adults need a back to school plan too, not just kids.)

Learning, refocusing, connecting. All of it.

People often ask why I’ve been through Ninja so many times. The answer is easy. I always hear something new. Something I wasn’t ready to hear or take action on before. It also reminds me to go deeper with my process and gently nudges me back on track. All of which are helpful.

So here is my nudge for you – what is your back to school plan? How can you refocus? What can you do to find new opportunities, or make better use of the ones you already have?

To your success!

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