What’s Your 1 Thing For the 4th Quarter?

Focus on 1 thing

I know the 4th quarter officially starts October 1st, but I always consider September the 4th quarter. Rumor has it September is the new January, and it gives you 3 months to get things under contract and closed before the end of the year.

For me it’s always been a great time to refocus after the summer as I start to become more proactive about my business again.

As I set my goals, I start thinking about what I need to add or tweak in oder to make it happen. And the list starts growing, pretty soon even my current systems, that have been working great, feel like they need an overhaul. It can get overwhelming in a hurry.

Some tasks are better suited for different times of year though. The 4th quarter is about DOING the business. Which means this is not the time to revamp your logo and website. That is better suited for January when clients aren’t ready, and there’s more downtime. *Even if you don’t have a website or logo. Now is NOT the time to work on it.

There is a lot of real estate sales that happens in the 4th quarter. Your sole focus should be on that. Anything on your list should directly bring you business.

Take 5 minutes and brainstorm as many ways as you can to generate business.

From there, pick 1. What’s the one thing that if you did it consistently brings you more business than anything else? For me it’s phone calls. Contacts are one thing, but nothing beats a phone call for generating business in my book. I know that if I just do that, every day, my business will grow. If there’s time, and if I’m motivated I can move down the list and add things like open houses and social media, but neither of those work nearly as well as the calls.

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that growth requires casting a bigger net of activities, when in reality, that usually just serves to dilute the energy and therefore the effectiveness of whatever you are doing.

I encourage you to commit to your one thing. Bonus points if you track it. Because whatever we track we do more of.

Wishing you great success now and always!

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