Darts, Walt Whitman and Ted Lasso

If you haven’t seen Ted Lasso yet, you’re missing out. This clip of him playing darts is priceless.

In it he quotes Walt Whitman and the value of being curious vs judgmental.

We get so busy checking things off our to do list, that we forget to be curious. Or we are afraid to be curious because we worry that asking questions makes us appear uneducated or weak. We think that to be professional, or seen as the expert, we are just supposed to know the answers, but those answers are usually judgments with only part of the necessary information.

Curiosity is the key to everything – success, happiness, connection, all of it.

The more questions I ask, the more amazed I am at the answers. They are often different from my initial assumption.

Asking questions allows the other person to be seen and heard. In business it means you are able to serve your clients better, often with fewer objections. And it allows for deeper more meaningful relationships with those you care about.

So make your goal this week to be curious. Ask questions and stay open to the answers.

To your success!

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