You Can’t Tweak What You Aren’t Doing

Seems obvious, but at least for me, it’s worth a little attention this week.

Can we talk marketing for a moment? Specifically social media marketing. In theory, it’s the answer to a business owners dream. It’s free, it’s customizable, it allows you to tell your story, be unique, all of it. So why is everyone else crushing it and I’m stuck in a perpetual cul de sac of – what do I post?

I give it immense energy, and by that I mean – I’m stalking all of you that are crushing it wishing I could be as creative as you. Every now and then I’ll print out a calendar and map out things to post, I’ve got the pictures, I’ve got the branding words, I just don’t have the implementation.

And then I realized it’s because I’ve let myself get stuck in the planning mode. I keep wanting to tweak things to make it just right, or post at the perfect time. I want to tweak it for maximum impact. And yet I’m getting none, because news flash – you have to start something to improve it.

And so circling back to my word of the year – RISK. I’m taking a risk – being honest about what I’m not doing, and committing to taking action. Because imperfect action beats perfect planning.

So here’s to posting.

What are you avoiding or overthinking that you can take action on?

To your success!

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