Sometimes Gratitude IS The Answer

It’s been such an odd first quarter. I’ve been busy having lots of meetings, but not so busy with closings. My listings keep pushing out their dates, my buyers are trying to decide do we stay in the market or opt out? Have you ever had a time where it feels like you have a lot going on, but not a lot to show for it? At least financially.

Truth be told, I have LOTS to show for the last few months. Strong relationships with wonderful clients, fun trips with friends and family, we completed our 1031 exchange and have 3 awesome new rentals, and most importantly – time with Gary and the boys that always makes me happy, and feels even more special with Alex graduating in June. Seriously – I will never tire of making them cookies and hearing their stories.

I’ve caught myself separating my life into 2 separate worlds. Everything outside of real estate that makes me happy, and real estate – which has me feeling meh.

Since I don’t believe the world is a zero sum game – meaning I don’t believe in either or. I don’t have to choose between time with family and friends and travel AND a successful real estate business, the question is – how do I have both?

Sure, there is the surface answer of hire more support, time block, etc. But sometimes the answer is deeper and simpler.

What if I practiced feeling DEEP gratitude for all of it? Instead of this inner tug of war of things that make me happy and things that frustrate me?

If I change my energy, will it change my results?

I know from past experience that the answer is YES – which of course brings the question of how did I get off track from that I know works? I’ll save that for another post.

For today, I’ll focus on coming back to gratitude and trusting in it’s power.

Stay tuned…

To your success!

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