You Don’t Need To Change The World, You Just Need To Change Your Reality


I heard someone say this the other day, and it was a light bulb moment. Yes!

I believe that everything we do makes a difference in the world, and that we should always strive to be a positive influence. But trying to change others or situations is a slippery slope, because we all have free will and can’t control what they will or won’t do.

So where does that leave us as individuals?

I’m sure you’ve seen it in others. Those that are bogged down by the world around them, forever pushing against situations or waiting for things to be different before they can… sell more houses, take a vacation, be in a relationship, or just enjoy life. And then there are others who walk through the chaos of life and serve as a shining light. They acknowledge what is going on, but they choose to focus on what is good and as a result, more good comes to them.

One of my all time favorite books is Ask and It Is Given. It is the ultimate book about – what you focus on expands and the beautiful way that things line up for you based on your focus. It may seem overly simplified, but they are powerful exercises. One of my favorite ones in the book is called the rampage of appreciation. Which is looking for one thing after another that you appreciate.

This picture was taken at the Botanical Gardens in Bellevue. While I was there my rampage of appreciation went something like this:

  • These gardens are beautiful
  • They have done an amazing job of mixing so many plants together
  • It’s fun to see all of the ‘rooms’ and how they are so different
  • I love that people take the time to create and maintain these gardens
  • What a beautiful gift to everyone who comes to enjoy them
  • I appreciate that the city dedicates spaces for parks

Focusing on what you appreciate becomes a beautiful snowball. The more you focus on the good, the more it comes to you.

Give it a try this weekend. It’s great when you are already happy, but it’s also really helpful when something is annoying you. Start to notice little things that you can appreciate and see how it shifts the energy and the situation.

Focusing on things you appreciate, whether they are business related or not, will improve your business. Client conversations get easier, more referrals come and sales increase. Not quite sure how all of this applies? Be on the look out at the end of the month. I’ll be launching the Master Your Energy class again where we will dive into appreciation and other skills that directly relate to your business.

To your success!

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